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About Us

About Us
Welcome to our company Locksmith Hendon

We take pride of our efficiency and excellence of our locksmiths. We're all experienced contractors and have the knowhow to repair from the simplest to the most complex lock and keyless entry system in London Borough of Barnet. Our emergency locksmith services are offered 24/7.

Address: Watford Way London
London, London Borough of Barnet
Post Code: NW4 4UJ
Phone: +44 020 3868 8643

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We accept Cash, credit card, etc.
Urgent problems with locks and keys are handled right away and effectively by our experienced and 24hr locksmiths

When security is compromised, lives and properties are put in danger. The work of Locksmith Hendon is essential. Our role is not confined to simply duplicating a key or lock fitting. We can be extremely valuable when you need to take serious decisions about your security. Such matters are very important and must be treated with the expected responsibility. You can be sure that the dedication of our teams is guaranteed. That's an oath we made years ago and honour it every single day.

About our company in London Borough of Barnet

We honour our customers and offer top services

Once, we took some serious decisions ourselves, and now we have built up a very powerful locksmith company, which is able to help people efficiently. That was our goal all along! Customers need good advice when they are between high security locks and don't know which solution will be best for them. When it comes to our services, there is no limit! That's one of the most positive things about Locksmith Hendon. We are advisors, installers and the best lock repair specialists.

The needs of our job vary and so vary the expectations of our customers. We listen to their demands, stay focused on our locks service, and do our best to embrace all your concerns down to the last detail. We are ready to deal with emergency issues and the encouraging thing is that we have the capacity to offer 24/7 mobile service. Having mobile professionals on board is a must today. We have the best in terms of their knowledge and equipment.

When emergencies with locks and keys make your security weak, you can count on our teams completely. Our response is immediate! Our technicians are decent people and fully trustworthy! We work 24/7 and also promise to extract the broken car key with great attention, help you with bolt issues at home and install the most advanced systems at your company. We are the contractors all people need when they want excellence, speed and consistency.

So, don't hesitate to try our services! Don't be reluctant to call if you want to know more about us!

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We Repair Electric and Solenoid Locks Perfectly
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