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Auto locksmith 101

Auto locksmith 101
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Services Provided by Auto Locksmiths

Are your car’s locking systems, doors and/or ignition, acting up but it’s out of its warranty and you fear the price of a dealer repair? Could an automotive locksmith help you get back to reliable motoring without your car experiencing a lengthy stay at the dealer?  If, like me, you think that only the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) dealer can work on these components, then this list of services an independent auto locksmith can provide may come as a pleasant surprise to you. Whether it’s for something as simple as a locking system servicing, or as big as a complete replacement at their premises, or an emergency lockout opening at the roadside, a car locksmith will be able to do it. In fact, OEM dealers often call them in to do the work on your car when you’ve taken it to the dealer’s shop for locks’ repair. Independent auto locksmiths aren’t by any means a second-best choice for this kind of work.

Auto locksmith 101The services they provide include:

* Broken key extraction from doors and ignitions without damaging the lock or, if that isn’t possible, removing and replacing the lock

* Changing combinations and building locks to match a key or code

* Provide replacement transponders and remotes (even if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere)

* Provide a new car key made (duplicates or replacements) using sophisticated cutting machines along with replacement transponder key programming

If any of these sounds like a fix for the problems you’re experiencing with your car’s locking system, a call to a local car locksmith may be just the solution you need.

What they need from you to be Successful

The first information you need to provide them with is what kind of keys do you have? Are they transponder chip keys (most cars after 1995 have these), remote entry key fob, or the oldest kind of all a non-central locking key? Once you have those details out of the way, other useful information includes:

* Your location (address or postcode, if you’re at home)

* Make, model, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and licence plate details (particularly, if this is an emergency locksmith callout on the roadside)

* Personal identification to confirm you are the owner of the car and have the right to have the locks replaced, reprogrammed, or changed.

We've talked only about cars here but auto locksmiths can also work on keys for motorcycle and scooters, vans and trucks, and caravans.

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