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UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks
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Fix Door Lock 

UPVC Door LocksIt’s more than disappointing to have a stuck lock which doesn’t work with the key at all. If the key is bent, worn or damaged, it has to be replaced. When the lock is sticky because it’s dirty and dry cleaning and lubrication will help to make it as good as new. If the check and testing reveal that the device is worn or broken, it has to be replaced. Sometimes, the key turns smoothly inside the keyway as usual, but it isn’t possible to unlock the door. The most common cause of this kind of problem with UPVC door locks is a jammed bolt. It has to be released carefully with a special technique. The strike receiver will need adjusting and securing. If the jammed bolt is the result of loose weather strips getting in the way, they should be replaced. 

Adjusting UPVC Door

Difficulty with closing the door is the most common sign of misaligned door and frame. It’s easy to confirm this problem. If the door and frame mitres in the top left-hand or right-hand corner don’t form a straight line, the unit will need adjustment. Most modern units have adjustable flag or butt hinges. They should be set with great precision to align the door perfectly. It’s essential to ensure that the lock is properly aligned too. The strike receiver must stay securely in place and the bolts should go in and out of it smoothly. Inspecting the hinges for damage is also important. If they have been deformed or are greatly worn, they should be replaced. 

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